What's the difference between tin foil and aluminum foil?
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The difference between the two is the thickness and the degree of high temperature tolerance. "Tin paper" is metal tin calendering production, "aluminum foil" is metal aluminum calendering production.

Tin foil is softer than aluminum foil. At the same time, because of its low melting point, tin foil cannot be heated, or starts brittle when heated to more than 160℃. It can only be used in food packaging.

Aluminum foil, due to its high melting point and heating to more than 660℃ before melting, can be used for common barbecue food, baked food, clean and sanitary while maintaining the original flavor. Therefore, when the price of aluminum dropped, aluminum foil replaced tin paper in daily life. However, because aluminum can affect brain development, the surface of aluminum foil is coated to prevent the release of aluminum.

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