1. New energy automotive battery aluminum shell has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance stability. Because aluminum alloy material has low density, no magnetic, low temperature alloy is relatively stable, in the magnetic field than the resistance is small, good air tightness, induction radiation decay fast and other characteristics.

2. The surface treatment of the battery aluminum shell is mainly by electrostatic spraying, and its colors are also very rich, such as rice white, dark gray, black, military green and so on.

3. The battery aluminum shell has the advantages of aluminum alloy, so it has the characteristics of light weight and durability when forming.

4. The battery aluminum shell has stronger plasticity, better productivity than other profiles, and good casting, so it has good advantages for production.

5. The battery aluminum shell will be processed by hot and cold processes, so that the battery aluminum shell will have strong corrosion resistance. This makes the aluminum battery safer.

6. The shell is also very malleable and can be used to make lightweight alloys with many metal elements. It has stable chemical properties, no magnetism, and can be recycled repeatedly. It is a kind of benign recyclable metal material. And small density, light texture, is the best combination of new energy vehicles.


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