How to do a good job of aluminum coil corrosion protection
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There is a layer of coating on the surface of aluminum roll, the coating is to play a most important role in "anti-corrosion ".

(1) brush:

Brush besmear to be able to use all sorts of coating, want not to be only the coating with poor smooth sex to go, this one step basically rises to let coating to be able to ooze in the fine aperture of metallic surface, can strengthen metal to adhere to a gender.

(2) scratch:

This step, requires a high point, with high liquid purity, viscosity to high paint, note to play the common defects of paint (cracking, falling off, rolling, etc.).

(3) dip coating:

Dip besmear is a kind of traditional besmear method, cause air pollution easily, must remember not to use volatile coating.

(4) drenching:

Spray coating is the coating to the surface of the coating, although the operation is simple, high production efficiency, spray coating than dip coating consumption, will produce safety and dyeing problems, we must pay attention to.

(5) spraying:

Spraying has advantages (coating thickness is uniform, appearance is flat, high production efficiency), air pollution is not small.

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