The state of China's aluminum industry
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1. Production and consumption of aluminum extrusions in China's aluminum processing material industry

The steady, sustained and rapid development of our national economy and high and new technology has promoted the rapid development of our aluminum smelting and processing industry. In 2006, the output of China's aluminum alloy profile industry reached 8.793 million tons, surpassing the United States to become the world's first; The annual output reached 12.508 million tons in 2007, up 42.45% year on year in 2006, reaching a new record high. In 2007, the import of industrial aluminum products reached 690000 tons, up 0.6% year-on-year. The export of industrial aluminum extrusions was 1.853 million tons, up 49.5 percent year on year in 2006, and the net export of aluminum extrusions was 1.163 million tons. In 2007, the apparent consumption of industrial aluminum in China was 11.345 million tons. In the output of China's aluminum industry from January to June 2008, the output of alumina was 11.129 million tons, up 7.1% over the same period of 2007. The output of electrolytic aluminum reached 6.62.0 million tons, 12.9% higher than the same period of 2007. It is estimated that the output of 2008 will reach 14.5 million tons. Aluminum processing materials totaled 6.879 million tons, 38.3% more than the same period in 2007, and the annual output is expected to reach 14 million tons in 2008.

2. Chinese aluminum processing material varieties

In the 21st century, China's aluminum processing industry has been closely combined with the market and the demand of scientific development, so that the traditional aluminum processing materials have gradually completed the transformation to modern aluminum processing materials, so the variety of aluminum processing materials in China has undergone great changes. The main characteristics of Chinese aluminum processing materials are high performance, high precision, energy saving and environmental protection. The product quality has been steadily improved, and the product standard has been in the advanced ranks in the world. This indicates that China's aluminum processing material production has been further internationalization, and in order to meet the national economy and scientific and technological requirements for high precision aluminum materials, the main aluminum processing enterprises have also developed many internal supply technical standards.

There are about 300 kinds of alloy and 1500 varieties of aluminum processed materials in China, which is one of the countries with the richest product varieties in the world. In the variety of aluminum processing materials, a large number of international advanced products and national famous products have emerged, representing the mainstream direction of the development and application of modern aluminum processing technology in China.

3. Chinese aluminum processing technology

Chinese aluminum processing technology is characterized by both advanced and backward. China's technology and equipment have entered the international advanced ranks; And the technology and equipment of the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises are still stuck in the 1970s and 1990s. From this has formed our country aluminum processing industry big but not strong, small but not fine present situation, thus causes the national economy and the modern science to need some high, the fine, the sharp aluminum material still must rely on the foreign import passive situation.

China aluminum profile industry market demand and investment strategy development

In 2012, with China's large-scale infrastructure investment and the rapid progress of industrialization, the production and consumption of the whole industry of aluminum profile increased rapidly, and China has become the world's largest aluminum profile production base and consumer market. After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, China's aluminum profile industry has entered a new stage of development, and showed many new trends.

China's industrial aluminum profiles account for about 30% of the total consumption of aluminum profiles, mainly used in the transportation industry (including automobile manufacturing, rail transit industry), equipment and mechanical equipment manufacturing, durable consumer goods industry (including light industry), respectively in China's aluminum profiles accounted for about 10%, 10% and 12%. Meanwhile, in the consumption structure of aluminum profiles in Europe, North America and Japan, the industrial consumption ratio reaches 60%, 55% and 40% respectively, much higher than that in China.

With the rapid development of the aluminum industry, domestic excellent aluminum production enterprises pay more and more attention to the industry market research, especially to the enterprise development environment and customer demand trend change in-depth research. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent aluminum profile brands quickly rise, gradually become the leading aluminum profile industry!

In 2012, the domestic industrial aluminum profile market demand will exceed 4 million tons. In the future, the application space of aluminum profile in the industrial field will be very huge, in China's existing 124 industrial departments, 113 departments use aluminum products, accounting for 91%.

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