Performance characteristics and application fields of patterned aluminum plate
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Decorative aluminum plate is a new type of material. 3003 alloy is the most common, one of the most used alloy, pattern aluminum plate to 3003 aluminum plate in the majority.

The rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer used for patterned aluminum plate (3003 aluminum plate) has low thermal conductivity and can store heat well to achieve the effect of heat preservation. The surface of aluminum plate is painted with fluorocarbon polymer resin, which can make the surface of aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, and has good resistance to ultraviolet erosion, and can not fade for a long time. And fluorocarbon polymer resin fire resistance is good, even after burning will not be burned.

Decorative aluminum plate construction is convenient, simple technology, easy to install. The use of decorative aluminum plate is more green environmental protection, traditional methods need a lot of mud, sand and other materials, construction difficulty, after the removal of a large number of garbage. Due to its good bonding strength, formability, weldability, anodic oxidation behavior and corrosion resistance, it is also widely used in the household appliance manufacturing industry.

The 3003 alloy element contains a slight amount of iron to produce a polishing effect. Using this kind of aluminum when decorating can make the house more beautiful. The material of this kind of aluminous board is light, tenacity is good, the material that every square metre USES is equivalent to the 80% of the material that USES at ordinary times only about, saved the cost that controls about 15% probably, still can bear all sorts of high pressure.

3003 decorative aluminum plate has a wide range of applications, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, carriages, platforms, packaging pipes, screen frames, all kinds of hanging beams, table feet, decorative strips, handles, wiring grooves and covers, chair tubes and so on.

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