Processing method of aluminum plate
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I believe you are all familiar with the material of aluminum plate. The aluminum plate manufacturer said that after the completion of the production of aluminum plate, the material still needs to be further processed, so as to produce the products we designed and needed. So what are the methods of aluminum plate processing?

The first is the way sheet metal is processed. This is mainly the process of cutting, welding and polishing the flat plate. The aluminum plate is processed into the corresponding shape and size according to the production requirements. It was just processing the first step, after defining the shape and size we need to plate surface spray processing, spraying paint way mainly includes two kinds, one is manual spraying, additionally one kind is spraying machine, most manufacturers use at home or the way of artificial spraying, spraying machine applies only to the rules on the tablet of and often actually use the rules in the process of flat or less. Then the aluminum plate is processed and formed, generally according to the design drawings for processing, here need to carry out welding operations, in the use of equipment to remind everyone to pay attention to safety.

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