Wide application of high performance aluminum coil
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Large-size and high-performance aluminum roll usually refers to the deep-processed products with high surface quality, dimensional accuracy, type and performance requirements, which are widely used in transportation (subway, high-speed rail, etc.), aerospace, Marine ships, packaging and other key basic materials needed for national economic development and national defense construction. Next, the application of high-performance aluminum coil is introduced in detail:

I. automobile lightweight:

Aluminum alloy is widely used in various parts of the automobile, such as instrument stand and engine bracket, aluminum alloy wheel, suspension system parts, bumper beam, cylinder, door and heat exchanger, etc. Aluminum replaces steel to make cars, which can reduce the weight of engines and wheels by about 30%, reduce the weight of aluminum radiators (compared with copper products) by 20%~40%, and reduce the overall weight by 30%~40%. This greatly improves the speed and handling ability of cars.

Ii. High-speed rail body materials:

High-speed rail is a major user of aluminum. More than 85% of the body material of a train of high-speed rail is extruded aluminum, and the whole body is welded with profiles, plates, castings and forgings. High-speed railway carriages not only have high requirements for rigid strength, but also have restrictions on the carriage weight. The density of aluminum alloy only accounts for 1/3 of the density of steel, but after adding certain elements to form alloy, the strength is higher than steel alloy, naturally is the best choice!

Industry experts also pointed out that the speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour of high-speed trains must use aluminum alloy material, more than 350 kilometers of train cars in addition to chassis almost all use aluminum profile.

Iii. One of the most important metal materials for aviation equipment manufacturing:

At the same strength level, aluminum alloy can provide material with thicker section, better resistance to buckling under compression, and become the classic aircraft structure material. For example, high-strength aluminum alloy thick plate as the main load-bearing component, the use of the proportion of the aircraft total aluminum consumption of 30%~35%.

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