Aluminum coil white spot problem solving
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Aluminum coil is now one of the more popular materials on the market, to solve the problem of aluminum coil long white spot first from the aluminum coil preservation environment, moist environment is one of the mold environment. If the aluminum plate, aluminum roll surface contaminated with these substances, will absorb moisture in the air, so that the aluminum roll surface moldy reaction.

Principle of white spot chemical treatment with aluminum coil note: refining modifier containing sodium salt or magnesium salt should not be used, instead, refining modifier with NaF component, or N2 gas refining should be used. Should not use plant fiber mold release agent and plant fiber machining fluid, should be replaced with oil - based anti - rust cutting fluid.

Aluminum coil can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, will cause dust accumulation. Aluminium coils should not be placed in moist air and should be dried around the coils.

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